Christian Profiling?


The Bible speaks clearly about Elementalism; it's one of the hidden basics of personality profiling.

If you’re prepared to accept the idea of profiling, then be warned, you are also swallowing the totally unbiblical idea that you are stuck forever with the way you were born and only minor changes can be made, and those, by your own efforts.

Before my wife became a Christian she was heavily involved in the occult. She practiced psychic healing, astrology and divination amongst other things. Some years later, following her conversion to Christianity and our marriage, we were horrified to find that our church began to use similar methods of divination, only these occult practices had been dressed up in Christian jargon and were being used under the guise of ‘Christian Counselling’.

Mostoccult practices and esoteric philosophies have a connection with the idea of Elementalism. This is the belief that all life forms are controlled by four spirits (or in some cultures five), whichrepresent the four basic elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. These four elements are at the very heart of the practices of: fortune-telling, divination, witchcraft, astrology, metaphysics and temperament profiling

These systems divide the human temperament into four basic types and then subdivide these groups further for greater detail. The use of these four 'temperaments' is one of methods by which occult seers evaluate and manipulate individuals. Many people are convinced these techniques work and it's true that they do have some power, because Satan is behind them.

The Amplified New Testament is very helpful when looking atthis topic.

Colossians deals with this subject very clearly, particularly chapter 2. The error that Paul is addressing is the philosophy ofElementalism, the power of the spirits of the four elements.

Colossians 2 v 8 describes Paul’s feelings about these philosophies.

See to it that no one carries you off as spoil or makes you yourselves captive by his so-called philosophy and intellectualism and vain deceit, following human tradition – men’s ideas of the material world – just crude notions following the rudimentary andelementalteachings of the universe, and disregarding (the teachings of) Christ the Messiah.

Does profiling work?

At best the results are worldly and at worst they have the potential to make captives of believers who accept and implement their conclusions.Consulting a source other than God or His word to uncover hidden information is spiritual adultery!The Bible tells us that we are all born under the dominion and control of the powers of darkness;allmethods of divination are part of that is all divination

It doesn’t matter if the method of “analysis” is palm reading, tea-leaves, tarot cards, an astrological wheel or a ‘Christianised’ computer programme, subtly seeking hidden knowledge about a person from a source other than God is divination. The characteristic classifications of these methods of divination are all remarkably similar. Read Deuteronomy 18 v 10-22 if you really want to know how seriously God takes this sin.

Colossians 1 v 13

The Father has delivered and drawn us to himself out of the Control and Dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love’.

Profiling is not new!

These occult practices and philosophies were present in the time of the apostle Paul and originally pre-date Moses, so it is inconceivable that Paul was not referring to them when he wrote Colossians. Only 400 years before Paul's time, Hippocrates adapted the philosophy of elementalism to fit in with his own crude ideas about four bodily fluids.

Colossians 2 v 20

If then you have died with Christ to the material ways of looking at things and have escaped from the world’s crude andElementalnotions and teachings of Externalism(a philosophy which holds that external forces shape and control human behaviour)why do you live as though you still belong to the world?’

What gets analysed?

The above scripture shows us that we are supposed to have died to our old self, and it is only that old self that these systems can analyse. Death and then new birth in Christ give us a new start, which these schemes are incapable of analysing because they are hidden in Christ! When we are born again we become new creatures.

Col 3 v 3

For (as far as this world is concerned) you have died, and your (new, real) life ishidwith Christ in God.

There are not four basic categories into which we can fit the temperaments of believers. The fruits of the Spirit describe the characteristics of temperament that all believers should have and aim for. This is not self-improvement on wrong satanic principles, but the inner working of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We are not stuck with the way we were born, we can and must be changed, reborn by the power of our God.

God is so great and multi-faceted that for all of us to be more like Him makes each one of us more unique!The greatness of God belies the error of fitting Christians into typological categories.To accept the results of a temperament test is to believe that the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit has been accurately measured by an occult based system, when the system itself denies the radical and miraculous changes God can make in our lives.

Col 3 v 1

If you then have been raised with Christ (to a new life, thus sharing His resurrection from the dead), aim at and seek the treasures that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

As a church we should not be looking to these satanic and unbiblical methods for special insight.

Where can we find the truth?

Col 2 v 3-4

In Him(Jesus)all the treasures of Divine wisdom, of comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God, and (all the riches of spiritual knowledge) and enlightenment are stored up and lie hidden. I say this in order that no one may mislead and delude you by plausible and attractive arguments and beguiling speech.’

This scripture shows us that the real truth about hidden things can only be found in Jesus. We are all in danger of being misled and deluded.

So what is the church doing using these evil tools?

Can the egocentric New-Age ideal of ‘realising our full potential’ really be the answer to maturity in Christ? The answer is a resounding NO!

Col 2 v 10

And you are in Him, made full and have come to the fullness of life - in Christ you too are filled with the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and reach full spiritual stature.’

Col 2 v 7

Have the roots of your being firmly and deeply planted in Him, being continually built up in Him.’

It is only in Him!

The Spiritual gift test

Another New Age error that is closely associated with personality tests is the notion that a computer programme can reveal our Spiritual Gifts!

Once more we are asked to forget what scripture says and accept the false idea that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to everybody when they're born! While attending a British charismatic church, the author of this article repeatedly heard the teaching that if you were engaged in fortune telling before you became a Christian, then you have the gift of prophecy, or knowledge; if you healed people using aura healing before you were converted, then you have the gift of healings etc. The truth is that if you were engaged in these things before becoming a Christian thenyou need deliverancefrom the demons that empower these devilish manifestations! We need to be set free from the control and dominion of darkness, not accept the advice of a worldly computer programme todrag our psychic powers into the church!

The Bible shows that the Holy Spirit gives His gifts only to God’s people as and whenhechooses. Spiritual gifts can be given by the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands, or by prayer and by God’s gracious response to a deep desire for a particular gift. 1 Cor 12 v 4-11; 1 Cor 12 v 31; 2 Tim 1 v 6.

The ‘deeper’ analysis of these ungodly systems, (the results the punter doesn't get shown), are being used covertly to choose new Church leaders. This really is happening in Churches today! Information is extracted from you that you might not want to share. This is a deceitful practice and not Godly behaviour especially when the results have been proved to be only 50% accurate if the test is retaken after 3 months. The author of this article had firsthand experience of mature, Godly, Bible loving Christians being pushed aside as leaders, in favour of ungodly people who faired well in these psychometric tests. The consequence of following the results of the profiles was often disastrous and brought disgrace on the Church.

TheInternational Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (not a Christian book)points out:

Typologies serve two basic functions: they codify and they allowprediction. They are appealing because they offer simplistic pigeonholing and an assumed peek into the unknown. Hence they are a form ofdivination and fortune telling. They can be as entertaining as any parlor game, but the real tragedy of such schemes is that life-and-death advice is being given to people. A “Temperament Counselor” who advises on a lifetime career, marriage or spiritual development is likely to influence people’s lives for good or ill. Moreover, the victims often believe that they are really gaining knowledge about others and often rely upon the scheme to explain and excuse questionable behavior in others and themselves, instead of growing and changing by assuming responsibility.

Unfortunately, from the scientific point of view, nothing is explained if the state we have attributed to the person from his behaviour, is then invoked as thecauseof the behaviour from which it was inferred. Circular explanations like this give the appearanceof a genuine explanation that offers genuine knowledge. But it is only illusory.’

Christians are supposed to have fidelity!

Sometimes God’s insight may only be found in hours of prayer and patience. These systems seem to offer a quick and easy solution, but they give ungodly results! They just pander to vanity or insecurity.

The big question

The church needs to wake up and be discerning and check everything against scripture. The big question is: Does the Bible tell us that wecannotchange the temperament that we were born with? Look into it yourself, but you will find that the answer is definitely NO!

If then, we can be radically changed, be born again and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, then the whole basis for these ungodly ideas falls apart!

Martin Edwyn

Bold emphasis in the quotations is mine. Details in parenthesis that are not italicised in the quotations are mine. Written in 1989 revised 2003, 2010, 2012.

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