My Story - Miraculous Provision



Martin Edwyn

When I was 37 years old, my comfortable life was devastated by the tragic break-up of my marriage and I found myself as a single parent with 3 young children. Being a lone dad was very demanding, but trying to run a recently launched business at the same time was a nightmare. I was constantly faced with choosing between my children and my business and, as I always chose my family, it wasn’t long before my clients realised that they weren’t my first priority. What had started as a successful enterprise rapidly began to go downhill and after only two years I was in serious financial trouble. The bank refused to support me any further and suppliers and service providers constantly pressured me. I was doing my level best, but it seemed inevitable that my business was about to go under. However, despite the enormous stress I was suffering, I knew that somehow I had to try and keep a cheerful face for the sake of my children.

One evening I went to the fridge to look for something to prepare for our supper. The fridge was empty and so was the freezer. I knelt down to look in the store cupboard, but I could find nothing to make a meal from. It was a terrible moment, probably the worst moment in my life. I had to admit that I couldn’t cope; I found myself weeping as I cried out to God: ‘If you don’t help me I’m going to have to give up my children.’ How could I keep them if I couldn’t even manage to feed them? It felt like the end of everything, I was a complete failure! With little hope, I searched the cupboard once more, but this time I found some ancient spaghetti shells in a jar tucked right at the back. With the addition of some gravy browning we did at least have something to eat, even though it wasn’t up to much. However, I knew that this was just a temporary reprieve. Fortunately the children were out to tea the following evening, but what then? I searched all the pockets in my clothes. looking for some cash to buy food. But I’d done that before and there was still nothing. The bitter reality I faced gave me little sleep that night.

The following evening I was hungry and alone in the house when my father phoned me he said that I should drop everything and go and see him immediately, because something extraordinary had happened.

I didn’t need asking twice; at least I would be able to get a free meal. I hadn’t told my parents about the seriousness of my financial problems, I didn’t want to worry them; they were retired and were only just getting by themselves. It was a thirty-minute drive to their house and all the way there I was wondering what could have happened to prompt my father’s excited phone-call.

What my father told me was very strange indeed. Earlier in the day there had been a knock on his door and when he opened it, a middle-aged couple were standing on the doorstep. They introduced themselves with strong American accents and asked if they could come in and speak to him. My father didn’t recognise them and was a little bit worried, but he invited them in all the same. Their names were Bud and Judy and they lived in California. They told my father an amazing story.

Apparently they had come to England for their holiday the year before, and as was their custom back home, they went to church on Sunday. While they were sitting waiting for the service to begin, Bud heard someone talking to him, he looked around but there was no one close to them. The voice said to him, ‘You see that man over there in the grey suit, I want you to give him money regularly every month.’ Bud was shocked and pretended that nothing had happened. They returned home to USA after their holiday, but after a couple of months he couldn’t get any peace. He often thought about the voice he’d heard, and so he decided to tell Judy about how he felt. He’d no sooner started to tell his wife than she interrupted him: ‘When we were in England at that church, you heard a voice didn’t you? Well, I heard it too,’ she said, ‘we’ve got to go back to England for our holiday next year and find this man.’ This was the reason that they’d found their way to my father’s doorstep.

‘Now, what about it?' Bud asked, ‘Do you need money?’

My father explained that although they were managing to survive themselves, their son was really struggling trying to look after his three children on his own,

‘OK, that’s it then’ said Bud, ‘we’ll feed them!’

He took details of my father’s bank and assured him that they would regularly send money for me.

I was completely stunned by what I heard! My first reaction was that I didn’t want to live off someone else’s charity; but I guess that was pride. The fact was though, that only the night before I had pleaded with God to help me. I don’t know what I was expecting God to do, perhaps rain money from the sky or something. God had clearly chosen to use this couple to look after my family and me, even though we’d never even met them. They were as good as their word and for three years there was a regular supply of food delivered by my parents. What a blessing and comfort this was.

Not long after this I was approached by a couple of Christian guys, who wanted to link up their business with mine and our joint enterprise gradually started to put my finances back on an even keel. When I needed to dash away from work to deal with family matters, and during school holidays, the business could now carry on as usual.

After three years I was in a position to be able to survive without the help of my kind Americans. I wrote thanking them and told them that I could now manage on my own. Bud said that they were coming to England again and would love to meet me. When I met them there was another big surprise waiting for me. I’d thought that Bud was a wealthy businessman and that they could easily afford to send money to me. He was in fact self-employed like me; he earned his living repairing televisions in a wooden shed beside his house. It had really cost them to send us the money. They were a delightful couple and I really thank God for them.

What an incredible God we have, a year before I’d cried out to Him for help, he had already set in motion the answer to my prayer!

That isn’t the end of the story though, during the next ten years business continued to improve. I met a lovely Christian woman and we got married. Both my parents died and after we had sold their house, I had some money in the bank.

The following Christmas, a card arrived from Bud and Judy with sad news. There had been severe flooding in their part of California and a mudslide had demolished both their house and Bud’s workshop. They’d lost everything and their insurance company refused to help them. I was so pleased to be able to send them a cheque towards the building of another house. Of course this loving Christian couple weren’t short of friends and they all clubbed together and built them a new home. Bud sent me a photo of them standing on the veranda of their new house; they were holding their first grandchild in their arms.

These wonderful and undeserved events changed my life and it wasn’t long before we realised that Bud and Judy had passed a responsibility on to us. We soon became involved in helping support one-parent families ourselves. We’ve had the immense privilege of seeing a number of desperate single parents get back on their feet and start to fend for themselves again.

Our God is so good!!

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Martin Edwyn 2015/2019